Friday, August 21, 2009

Secret Rocky Seaside Trail on Coloane Island

On my latest trip to Macau, a local resident brought me to the famous Hac Sa Beach (a.k.a Black Sand Beach).

At a corner of the beach, she unveiled the Trail of Morro de Hac-Sa. This, she says, connects Hac Sa beach to Cheoc Van Beach (which has normal colored sand).

It was evening time, and not too sunny. A strong sea breeze brew constantly. Starting along the trial, I see some people walking their dogs.

Amid surging waves along the rocky shore, I can see a pavilion in the distance. It seemed lonely, and perhaps the perfect place to reflect on life and the mysteries of the universe. However, some fishermen had the more practical idea of catching fish there.

The view I saw was awesome. Let this picture speak for itself.

Along the rocky trial I walked. I enjoyed the atmosphere, which was full of life and vitality.

But beware: if a storm hits, the waves will wash above much of this path. My friend told me that she has seen seashells left high above the cliff after a storm.