Monday, April 2, 2007

Buying Computers in Macao

I suggest that you don't buy them if you can get them in Singapore or Taiwan.

Despite a 5% Goods & Service Tax (GST) in Singapore, key computer parts still cost around 1% to 5% more in Macau after currency conversion.

The exception are card readers, mice and other computer accessories made cheaply in neighboring China. [You may consider purchasing them in China at an even lower price.]

Beware that if you need to send many computer parts for repair, you will have to pay a MOP$80 shipping fee to send it to Hong Kong. And of course, you will have to wait a month for the computer part to travel.

If you are still keen to buy computer parts (perhaps you may not have a choice), then a good place would be Digital Technology Centre at Rua Um do Bairro Iao Hon in Macau.

It is within 10 minutes' walking distance from the border to China near the 3 sided bridge and a popular garden with pavilions.

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