Saturday, April 14, 2007

Go Daiso for cheap shopping

If you are coming from Macau Ferry Terminal, you can take bus 12.

If you are coming from the Blood Transfusion Centre near Kun Lam Statue, you can also board bus 8. Beware of taking bus 12 here - there are 2 versions, one of which goes to the Ferry Terminal!

The bus will travel up a fly-over and will pass by an old pink building called the Former Government House before reaching this bus stop.

Note down this bus stop, because it is where you will drop off.

To make sure that it is the correct bus stop, you should see a bridge in front of you. Note the McDonalds and KFC fast-food restaurants on both sides of the bridge.

Turn left and head into this street. Travel all the way up to the other end of the street.

You will be greeted by a construction site with 3 smiling, flying cats. The Chinese words mean "the cats on the walls of Paris". [Update: The cats no longer exist in April 2009.]

Turn left, and you will go down a very busy street.

Watch out for the Daiso sign on your right side as it is easy to miss. The huge Daiso superstore is underground.

In Daiso, things are sold according to Japanese Yen. To know the price in Patacas, just divide the number on the price tag by 10. If the price is not indicated, then the item is MOP$10 each.

The items they sell include Egyptian figurines, baskets and a plastic wrapper that can compress your winter clothes. Happy shopping!

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