Monday, March 19, 2007

Free Macao Maps

If you need to find your way around Macao, get a map from the airport. [It is futile to try to find such maps at the ferry terminal.]

In addition, to get yourself familiar with Macau, you can do a few things:

1) Visit the Macau Government Website - They have a lot of information that you will find handy.

2) Download Macau Maps for your Palm or Pocket PC. You can also try Macau GeoGuide or Google Earth if you have a PC.

3) Check the Macau weather report. It may be very cold for those of us who come from hot climates like Singapore and Philippines, making it important to wear jackets and woolen clothes.

4) Check out some tourist attractions

5) Find a good friend who is familiar with Macau to bring you around.


By the way, if you are expecting to take great pictures of Macau scenery, be aware that much of the time the island is shrouded by a persistent haze. When this happens, you may have to go to Plan B - buy tourist postcards.

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