Thursday, March 15, 2007

Fake HKD$1000 notes

Avoid HKD$1000 notes. Instead, ask for HKD$500 notes.

Recently there were many high quality fakes which fooled even the banks. These were notes issued by HSBC in 2000 and 2002. Many shops are no longer willing to accept HKD$1000 notes so you may get stuck with them.

The latest counterfeits differ from the genuine notes in three ways:

First, the silver metallic ink on the front circular pattern in the bottom left corner is dim on the fake notes but bright and shiny on the genuine ones.

Second, the concealed denomination 1000 in the lower right rectangular block, when viewed horizontally, appears weak or missing on the fakes.

Third, the holographic image showing HK$1,000 and the bauhinia pattern in the window thread are not clear and shimmer less on the counterfeits.

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